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How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by a Carpet Cleaning Company

When making an important buying decision, such as purchasing a car or computer, most people do some form of research. Some check with the BBB, read consumer reports, do research on the Web, etc. However, when it comes to one of the most expensive investments in your home, your carpeting, most consumers don't take the time necessary to find a qualified, reputable company. 
When choosing a carpet cleaning [] company, look for one that:
1. Is certified by the IICRC ( Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). They are the foremost authority for standard setting in the carpet and restoration industry. Being certified means the technicians have gone through the schooling, and have passed exams to earn their certification.
2. Uses the Hot water Extraction (HWE) or steam cleaning method. This is the only method recommended by carpet manufacturers and provides the most effective and thorough way to clean your carpet. (Rids your carpet of dirt, pollens, fungus, bacteria, air pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust -- and hundreds of other chemicals you bring into your home on a daily basis.)
3. Offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantees. We have one of the strongest guarantees in the industry: "The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning [] Ever or It's FREE!" If any spots return, so do we at no extra charge. And if the client isn't happy after that, we refund every penny. Making sure that our clients are happy is our #1 concern!
4. Values your time. Service people are notorious for being late. Often times they show up late or not at all. We have an on-time guarantee: if we are even a minute late, we will take $25 off the bill.
5. Enables quick drying times. One of the biggest complaints we have heard from clients is that the last time they had their carpet cleaned by another company it took too long to dry. Because we clean with hot water and have a powerful vacuum, carpets that we clean dry in about 3-6 hours or less. We also offer our exclusive Turbo Drying System, which makes carpet dry even faster.
6. Offers No Hidden Charges. Some companies have a base price and then tack on additional charges for spotting, pre-spray, furniture moving, trip charges, etc. Beware of Bait and Switch companies who advertise extremely low prices such as $7.95 per room, and then charge $0.15 - $0.20 per square foot for pre-spray. So what you thought was going to cost you under $25 for 3 rooms now costs $125. We offer many extras and always include them in our price.
7. Stays Clean Longer. Many people say that their carpet gets dirty so quickly after having them cleaned. We never get that complaint and here's why. We thoroughly flush out all soil and contaminants out of carpet from the base of the fiber to the top, which keeps your carpet clean longer.

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